The Digital Renegades

The Digital Renegades

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Great ideas are often borne overcoming tragic circumstances

In March 2020, with the Coronavirus in full bloom devastating lives globally,  Evan Morgenstein was inspired by the vast turn to digital and he envisioned starting a company of amazing content creators that did things their own way. 

With that in mind and the closing of society as we know it including the freedom to roam and shop at retail locations, the need for digital content creators had never been greater. 

Morgenstein, CEO of The Digital Renegades and Christina Brennan, the Vice President of New Business Development, set upon a journey to find the best creators across any social platform changing marketing as we know it. 

The Digital Renegades, (a division of CelebExperts), is comprised of social media content creators from all over the United States and the world who service corporate customers like family, not advisories.   

From the top Instagram influencers, the top TikTok influencers, the top YouTubers, and the top Pinterest influencers, our talent creates viral videos across all social media platforms. 

The marketplace has become too transactional, corporate America isn’t clear on what defines an ROI with online marketing or when they hire a social media influencer in a marketing campaign, and ultimately there is a complete lack of patience in the industry which just leads to rash decisions and lack of opportunity for quality programs to work.  

At The Digital Renegades, we pride ourselves on working with only those who hold themselves to the highest ethical and corporate levels of execution and branding. 

With talent spanning over 60 million followers, our team stems from an array of different categories

Health and Fitness Influencers 

Nutrition Influencers

Beauty Influencers / Makeup Artists 

Chef Influencers

Body Positivity Influencers 

Amongst other social media experts who create viral campaigns across social media, our talent are some of the biggest fitness influencers on Instagram and TikTok including:

Fitness Influencers:

Cassidy Thompson, over 102 Million Likes

Jen Selter, 39 Million Followers

Paige Hathaway , 10 Million Followers

Jordyn Trenholm, over 17 Million Likes

Dara Torres, 400,000 Followers

Nutrition Influencers:

Amanda Rocchio, 1.4 Million Followers

Jennifer Anderson RDN, MSPH, 907,000 Followers

Ilana Muhlstein MS, RDN, 2.9 Million Likes

TikTok Beauty Influencers: 

Kyra Gallego, over 8 Million Likes

TikTok Chef Influencers:

Sonny Hurrell, 6.7 Million Likes

Vivian Aronson, 19.8 Million Likes

Paola D. Yee, 28 Million Likes

Tara Ippolito Lafontant, 10.8 Million Likes

Lauren Bower, 1.8 Million Likes

Matt Groark, 5.2 Million Likes

Nicole Renard, 12.8 Million Likes

Amie Balesky, 46.2 Million Likes

Our talent are some of the best and brightest content creators who take pride in cultivating their communities. 

None of The Digital Renegades are looking for “get rich fast” schemes or one-off engagements. In fact, they know how hard their job is and understand the immense responsibility they have to the millions of followers who admire them and are influenced by their words. 

If you, your company, brand or service could benefit from working with our social media creators or the massive number of micro influencers that follow them, contact us and let our brand managers get back to you ASAP with creative vision and a content marketing campaign beyond what you ever could have imagined. 

Hire the top influencers. Hire a social media agency who represents top social media influencers knows how to produce results.  

TDR: your influencer marketing agency. 


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